Ken Lambert


The next Reunion will be held on Saturday September 22nd at the R.N.A. HQ, Leamington Spa

In November 1994 after retiring, Ken Lambert decided to try to locate fellow service pals of the 14th C.A.G. Night Fighter Unit in which he had served as Pilot's Mate throughout 1950/51 . After finding one or two he extended his search to include members of 812 Squadron 1948/52, with satisfying results.

In October 1995, a total of 33 comrades had been assembled, and they held their first meeting at the RNA Club Royal Leamington Spa. It was decided at the meeting to extend the search even further, to include members of 804 Squadron, and that an official Reunion Association be planned for 1996.

So in March 1996 the 14th Carrier Air Group Reunion Association came to fruition with Ken as Co-ordinator. and a reunion has been held each year since at Royal Leamington Spar. A special reunion was held in June 2001 at the F.A.A Museum, Yeovilton to commemorate the 50th Anniversary of the 14th C.A.G's first operational tour during the Korean War. This meeting was a huge success, being attended by over 90 former aircrew and ground crew members and their partners. The majority of whom were meeting again for the first time in 50 years.

The original aim was that the Association be open to comrades who had served with the 14th C.A.G. (HMS Ocean and Glory) between January 1948 and May 1952, with the widows, or family members of any departed shipmates being invited to become Honorary Associate members. It soon became apparent however, through correspondence, that there were other people wishing to join, who had served with the 14th C.A.G. at times other than the designated period (HMS Theseus.1947.) So Associate Membership was offered, and the mailing list now exceeds 150, including a member of the original 14th C.A.G. and the Commanding Officer and a rating of the last 804 Squadron which disbanded in 1961.

Sadly there is a list of over 40 shipmates who have 'Crossed the Bar'.

Anyone wishing to join the Association, or for any other information regarding the Association may do so by contacting the Co-ordinator:-

Ken Lambert. 17, Walgrave. Orton Malborne. Peterborough. PE2 5NR.